Lettuce Mix and Asparagus Back in Stock!

Lettuce Mix

Hey folks, 
Going into next week we will begin our first cut of lettuce mix for 2023!  We also decided to use up some older lettuce seed that we drilled in for a more delicate baby sized lettuce mix bag (mesclun mix on the store).  The mesclun mix will not last as long as the lettuce mix nor be as crunchy.  


After a long wait our asparagus plants that we started in 2020 are starting to offer more spears!  We collected the majority of the seed from an old neglected bed of asparagus that we found on the farm.  We added 2 other varieties started by seed as well to the rows in 2020. 


Last year, we planted another 3 big rows on a steeper hill. We don’t want to incorporate this spot to our veggie rotations in the garden due to erosion concerns.  It will be a perfect spot to add to our asparagus offerings down the road with purple asparagus spears!  They are super tiny this year but based on the results of our planting from 2020, we will have purple spears by 2025.

Packaging Fail

I have recently come to the conclusion that our paper bags we bought for microgreens dried out the micros too quickly!  I am thinking about switching to a compostable plastic option for the micros, but until we figure that one out they will remain in the 8 oz deli containers.

Other things going on at the farm!

I am super hopeful that we receive some Asian pears this fall.  Our tree was struggling with blights and apple cedar rust and was overdue for some pruning.  After several years of no fruit production the pear tree is looking refreshed.  I think the biggest culprit was the honeysuckle that had rooted all around this area.  Nothing that a hoe and some compost can’t fix! 

Pear tree 2023

The same goes for our blueberry bushes, hopefully we will have some pints to offer this year as well.

Blueberry Flowering


Our bees are coming out of a mild winter and we are starting the season with 8 hives, down one from the end of last year.  We are expecting an abundance of honey this year. Hopefully we will have some back in stock around the beginning of June.  


We have several areas of late, fall-sown crimson clover looking lush that will provide some great resources coming into May.  It’s also wild how much the birds spread cover crops and seed in general, if we let them reach maturity in the field.  Our hay field and many random areas around the house have a nice spread of hairy vetch.  Hairy Vetch is a high protein and heavy biomass producer that will add a nice feed quality to our first cutting of hay and help the bees thrive.    

This week we have in stock:

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