Become a farm member at any time!

The farm membership was created thanks to one of our favorite customers who always ordered so many things!  We know that our prices may never compete with what you may find at the grocery store.  But a farm membership that offers a 10% credit on all your orders is our effort to thank the heavy spenders on our store!

You don’t need an account to order our produce.  You can head over to the shop!

The 1 year membership starts when you sign up and costs $80.

What are the benefits?

  • Order when you want
  • Order how much you want
  • 10% store credit on purchases
  • Lasts one-year from purchase date

How the Store Works

  • Our buying window is  Thursdays 8PM through Monday
  •  For each order as a member you receive 10% in-store credit. 
  • Make sure you sign-in after you become a member as you go to purchase your produce.
  • Be sure to signup for our newsletter to receive shop reminders and crop lists on Thursdays
  • Also check out our vegetable inspiration guide for recipe ideas! 

Where do I get my veggies?

We currently offer 2 pickup locations and 3 general areas that we make deliveries too on Thursdays.  More in depth information can be found on “Find Our Produce“.   

Pickup Locations
Delivery locations
  • Northern Side of Henrico to Richmond
  • Chuch Hill
  • Charlottesville (once market starts up late May we switch to delivering on Saturdays)

The 1 year membership starts when you sign up and costs $80.


We were in the application process to be certified organic by the USDA, but decided against completing the application almost at the end of the process due to high cost associated with the audit visit.  Organic allows practices that we don’t allow in our production.  Instead of encouraging earth-caring solutions certification was more a list of don’ts.

At BFF we:

  • Use no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers
  • Use no GMOs
  • Plant habitat for pollinators and forage for our honey bees
  • Plant cover crops to fallow ground and increase soil carbon
  • Use aromatic plants for integrated pest control
  • Sometimes make compost teas with cultured micros to nourish the soil.  

We amend our gardens with organic materials such as kelp and alfalfa meal to make up for the LBs of food we export off the farm!  Our goal is to produce nutritious, delicious produce!



Email us at We’re always happy to answer questions.

If you are having difficulties renewing your account under the same email, please send me an email at and I can help solve any issues!