Become a neighborhood node!

What Do I Need at a neighborhood node?
  • Primary concern is shade or cover from rain!  Veggies don’t tend to last when blasted with sun. 
  • If shade is not an option we will happily loan out coolers and stock them with icepacks when we drop off orders.  
  • If any meat orders are made we will bring a cooler and pick them up the following visit!
  • A front porch with easy road access 
  • It is not necessary for you to wait for the customers – We will label all the bags and provide invoices where customers can double check that they picked up all their items.

We would love to reach more folks with our products.  The idea is if you think there would be interest among friends or neighbors around you, we would love to add your porch to our Thursday delivery route.  To qualify you would need a minimum of 3 CSA or farm members to agree to choose your “node” as their pickup point!  

Perks of being a farm member includes 10% in store credit on all of your orders.  Which means you can order as little or as much of what you want based on supply!  Our ordering system is pretty self explanatory.  We provide invoices with contact info and what was ordered in case someone forgets to pickup.  More explanation can be given in person! 

We will supply coolers for meat and ice packs when meat orders are included. 

Please reach out at if interested!

When will the veggies come?
  • We hope to make all drops in the Richmond area Thursday mornings
  • If you are located in a rural area please reach out and we can consider a pickup point and figure out the best time for delivery.