CSA Open for 2024!

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is one of the best ways to buy local food directly from a local farmer. 

CSA is an investment in your health, community, and the local economy.  It lets us focus on growing the most nutritious food, protects your food source and helps families eat seasonal nutritious local produce.

 CSA runs 20 weeks for the regular season (May 23rd – Nov 7th , 2024).

CSA takes a break all of AUGUST!

-Online store will still be open through august

This year we decided to sepearte the farm membership from the CSA program.  We are also capping the CSA at 15 shares this year!  But not to worry if the slots fill up before you signup, we will still offer weekly farmer choice boxes on our store.

If you would rather subscribe with 5 payments every other month from signup date, then use these paypal or credit card options below!  To buy in full choose add to cart. (Subscribe at anytime, but to buy in full option will only work when the store is open Thursday 8PM-Mondays.)

What’s in the box?

Each week, you’ll receive a share of (minimum $20) worth of seasonal veggies  – the best and freshest of what’s available on the farm.  Please refer to our page on where we serve to see if we can get a CSA share to you!

Customize your box

If there’s a vegetable you can’t eat or really don’t like, talk to us and we will work with you!  Take a look at the crops we grow.  If you’re not adventurous become a BFF member instead and pick your own share at your convenience!

Add to your share

You can always add-on to your share in our store.  Each week we send out an email to the CSA group with our best guess of what will be in the share.  This is meant to help you plan your meals!

Cancelation Policy

We are pretty relaxed about our cancelations.  This year CSA shares will not have an account to send credit too.  This means we will refund any missed weeks.  Please do us a huge favor and let us know a week prior to the CSA Thursday you will miss!!

 This gives us a chance to post your inventory elsewhere and you will receive a $20 credit for the week.  If you also purchase a Farm Membership we can simply send you the money to your account.


Read our CSA Terms and Policy for more details about how the CSA works. For more general questions:

CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.” It’s a partnership between a farm and its community.  Where CSA members are the consumer and pay a subscription fee before the growing season to help cover the bulk of farm expenses that occur before the season starts!  In return your subscription grants you fresh picked veggies delivered each week to a pick-up location near you.

Each week, you’ll receive the freshest vegetables in season. We currently grow a great variety of veggies (See Our Crop List).  Are are working on adding BFF grown fruits for future shares.

Check out our vegetable guide for inspiration for your haul of veggies!  Or send us an email at info@bibbforestfarm.com if you are still wondering how to use something!

We were in the application process to be certified organic by the USDA, but decided against completing the application almost at the end of the process due to high cost associated with the audit visit.  Organic allows practices that we don’t allow in our production.  Instead of encouraging earth-caring solutions certification was more a list of don’ts.

At BFF we:

  • Use no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers
  • Use no GMOs
  • Plant habitat for pollinators and forage for our honey bees
  • Plant cover crops to fallow ground and increase soil carbon
  • Use aromatic plants for integrated pest control
  • Sometimes make compost teas with cultured micros to nourish the soil.  

We amend our gardens with organic materials such as kelp and alfalfa meal to make up for the LBs of food we export off the farm!  Our goal is to produce nutritious, delicious produce!

Yes, we are offering the option to pay in full or on a 5 time payment subscription.  Charged every two months from sign up.  For as low as $85 per payment.

Please give us a full week advance on when you will miss a share!  You are welcome to send a friend to pickup your share as well!  We take all of August off from CSA shares.


If you’re moving out of town or are dissatisfied with your membership for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible. 

Email us at info@bibbforestfarm.com We’re always happy to answer questions.