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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is the best way to buy local food directly from a local farmer.  You purchase a “share” and become a farm “member.”  The farm will deliver to you a box of vegetables regularly throughout the growing season.  You choose the pick-up location from our list of options.  BFF gives “members” access to special web-content, recipes and food facts.  CSA Members also receive additional 10% in store credit on our online store for each add on purchase!

CSA is much more than just a weekly delivery of fresh farm to table food.  CSA is an investment in your health, community, and the local economy.  It lets us focus on growing the most nutritious food, protects your food source and helps families eat seasonal nutritious local produce.

 CSA runs 20 weeks for the regular season (May 25th – Nov 2nd, 2022).

CSA takes a break all of AUGUST!

-Online store will still be open through august

What's in the box?

Each week, you’ll receive a share of ($20) worth of seasonal veggies  – the best and freshest of what’s available on the farm. 

Customize your box: if there’s a vegetable you can’t eat or really don’t like, talk to us and we will work with you!  If your not adventurous become a BFF member instead and pick your own share at your convenience!

Flowers, Pastured Eggs, Grass-finished meats (beef, lamb, goat) also available.  Beef restock coming mid Feb! We are bummed to share that due to Covid interruptions we were unable to book any butcher appointments for goat or lamb this year.  

What do I get?

  • A weekly delivery of fresh, nutritive vegetables to a pick-up location near you in Richmond or Charlottesville.

  • Weekly email updates each Friday with expected weekly share contents, store inventory reminders, farm updates, photos, highlights and more! 

  • Cancelations need to be made at the latest Thursdays the week before expected pickup date!  This gives us a chance to post your inventory elsewhere and you will receive a full in store credit of $20.

  • The opportunity to directly support a local farm. CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.” Finding a home for produce before it is even grown allows for better planning, more efficient use of resources, and opens up beds space for less profitable crops such as potatoes to fill shares.

  • Know that you are supporting a farm that is not just following a simple cookie cutter plan towards growing. We strive to care for our land and improve our soil in the process. While offering you real nutrition! 

Your Weekly Share

The 2020 CSA season goes from May 25th to Nov 2nd (20 weeks).  The price of a CSA share is $20 per week ($425 total inc tax+processing fees).  We are now offering a 5-month payment plan for as low as $86 per month.  We will be offering 4 pickup locations this year in West End, Salisbury, Church Hill and the farm in Louisa and delivery to Charlotesville.


Read our CSA Terms and Policy for more details about how the CSA works. For more general questions:

CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.” It’s a partnership between a farm and its community.  Where CSA members are the consumer and pay a subscription fee before the growing season to help cover the bulk of farm expenses that occur before the season starts!  In return your subscription grants you fresh picked veggies delivered each week to a pick-up location near you.

Each week, you’ll receive the freshest vegetables in season. We currently grow a great variety of veggies (over 40).  Some of our customers’ favorites are our lettuce mix, hardback garlic, high tunnel tomatoes, sweet peppers, and baby greens.  We also grow a variety of summer and winter squashes, pumpkins, ginger, turmeric, potatoes, watermelons and more!  We are currently planting an orchard and will offer a generous selection of persimmons, figs, peaches, cherries and quince.

We send weekly emails with tips for some of the more unusual veggies and feel free to send us an email if you don’t know what to do with a certain veggie.  Also if you don’t get to finish everything in your box we will gladly add anything that has spoiled to our compost piles.  We also have a page filled with recipes including all the veggies that we grow!

We were in the application process to be certified organic by the USDA, but decided against completing the application due to the high cost associated with it.  Without offending the organic community we simply found that the organic label did not encompass our goal in farming.  We are not trying to grow blemish free produce that meets organic standards, but food that has the ability to nourish.   

At BFF we use no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, we use no GMOs, we plant habitat for pollinators, use aromatic and medicinal plants for immune boosting crop sprays, we use lots of compost to replenish burnt carbon lost in uncovering the soil, plant cover crops and make compost teas with cultured micros to nourish the soil.  We keep honeybees for pollination and they enjoy the diversity of crops that we grow and flourish in early spring with all the maple trees blooming.  Our annual practice is to preform in depth soil samples and make custom mineral-balancing amendments per crop to grow the most nutritious veggies that we can.   

Yes, we are offering the option to pay in full or on a 5 time payment subscription.  Charged every two months from sign up.  For as low as $83 per payment.

Cancelations need to be made at the latest Thursdays the week before expected pickup date!  This gives us a chance to post your inventory elsewhere and you will receive a full in store credit of $20.  You are welcome to send a friend to pickup your share as well!  We take all of August off because we don’t have as much in the field due to the heat and this is prime time for a last vacation (at least before covid).  


Credits do not carry over from one season to the next. 

If you’re moving out of town or are dissatisfied with your membership for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible. 

Email us at We’re always happy to answer questions.