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Fig Cuttings- Alma


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2 ($4 each) dormant hardwood fig cuttings, each cutting is a minimum of 7″ long

Later ripening variety, turns to a yellowish brown when ripe, honey, caramel type flavor.

I recommend practicing some forms of frost protection until they are at least 3 years old with a wider truck diameter.  Or keep them in pots and overwinter in a garage until 3 years old then plant in the ground.

For rooting conditions, warm temperature, high humidity and low light.  I like using a clear tote with small hole drilled into either side for a bit of air exchange.  And place the tote next to a space heater or just keep in a warm room with natural low light conditions.  They should root in 2-3 weeks.  Rooting hormone or scarring the bark that is below the soil with a knife prior to planting will send natural growth hormones from the closest bud site to form roots.

Signs to look for are green shoots beginning to send out from the cutting.  But avoid too much light because the buds can wake up before there are any roots to support them.  Darkness until you see signs of bud growth may be ideal and then move to low light as soon as shoot growth is detected.

(We will have different stages of fig trees for sale in the future if you would rather wait and buy a tree!)


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Fig Cuttings- Alma

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