Baby Ginger- 1/4 LB


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Baby ginger, harvested before mature stage that you would find in the grocery store. No need for peeling, tender and delicious. Can be stored in your crisper for up to three weeks or chopped up and frozen. We suggest making Anti-Inflammatory Ginger Ice to use in soups, stews and teas!

Pick-Up Location Midlothian

Pickup is Wednesdays from 4-5 PM

*Please pull into the front driveway at 13300 Salisbury Rd, instead of the side. Jesse’s mom will be taking over this location.*

Pick-Up Location Henrico

Pickup location each Wednesday is at Mission Realty Property Management

3701 Cox Rd, Richmond, VA 23233

We will be set up in the drive-thru area from 4-5 PM, Wednesdays


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Baby Ginger- 1/4 LB

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