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Our beautiful farm, which I call home, is right down the road from the art center in Louisa, Virginia.  We grow a wide variety of non-certified organic vegetables, fruits, and grassfed beef/lamb year-round.  Our farm is tucked in front of a large forest which is home to a mother black bear and a rich diversity of wild mushrooms.

My goal is to provide delicious produce grown with respect and care for our land.  I hope we reach customers and future friends that want to cultivate local systems and improve our well-being in the process.


Jesse Roberts

organically grown sweet potatoes

Organically Grown Produce

Grown with intention for soil health, consumer health and high nutritive values. We avoid single use plasticulture and are uncertified organic.

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100% Grassfed Beef and Lamb

Limited availability of goat and plenty of USDA certified beef and lamb in stock! If interested in a half cow or whole sheep please send an email to

Cut Flowers & Raw Honey

Sold out until next year!

Our Lamb and Beef are 100% GRassfed and Finished.

  • A homemade free-choice mineral blend is the only addition besides grass (no grain!)
  • Clean water
  • Happy animals – They have their favorite fields and love to move to the next field
  • Our animals are protected by Jane our big, sweet dog.
  • Veggie scraps -our animals get spoiled with kitchen or second rate veggies and come running when they see the food bucket.
  • They love watermelon
  • No growth hormones or antibiotics (we will step in if they need care, but we are not supplying them with preventative antibiotics.  Because they live as nature intended.)
Our meats are USDA certified and processed by a local butcher

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About Our Online Market

Bibb Forest Farm (BFF) is a regenerative farm in Louisa, VA. We grow better than ‘organic’ with ecological practices.  We have a higher standard than outlined in certified organic agriculture using all certified organic inputs and leaving out single use plastic in the fields.  We provide clean, nutrient dense food with exceptional taste to our friends and family.  

BFF is a first generation farm started by father and son, Tom and Jesse in 2017.

Jesse spent several years studying horticulture and business management in the Netherlands and now manages the farm.  He brings a depth of knowledge in soil science, biology and a passion for growing delicious nutritive food.  

Tom grew up with a few memories of country living thanks to his dad’s interest in gardening and now tries to come out when he can.  He spearheads building projects or enjoys to go foraging for wild mushrooms in the forest with his backpack filled with his oil painting gear.

Is Bibb Forest Farm Organic?

We were in the application process to be certified organic by the USDA, but decided against completing the application due to the high cost associated with it and disingenuous application process.  Without offending the organic community, we simply found that the organic label did not encompass our goal in farming.  We want to grow quality, clean food but don’t agree with the prolific use of single use plastics permitted in organic production.   

At BFF we use no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, we use no GMOs, we plant habitat for pollinators, use small doses of “organic” bio-pesticides, we use lots of compost to replenish burnt carbon lost in uncovering the soil, plant cover crops and make compost teas with cultured micros to nourish the soil.  We keep honeybees for pollination and they enjoy the diversity of crops that we grow and flourish in early spring with all the maple trees blooming.  Our practice is to preform in depth soil samples to know how to make custom mineral-balancing amendments per crop to grow the most nutritious veggies that we can.   

Jesse hopes that many generations after him will be able to work on the same plot of land that he began with his parents.  This hope for the future directly ties into the sequestration techniques that he is employing through regenerative farming.