Why CSA?

CSA stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.” It’s a fantastic way to support a local farm, because it provides funds to the farmers at the beginning of the season and guarantees a home for the produce. CSA is not a great fit for everyone. Question is, if it’s a match for you?

Why are we starting a CSA?

BFF had been going to farmers markets 3 days a week prior to the 2020 season and has decided to try and find some balance after a year of chaos. Finding the time to work in the garden proved difficult while spending almost half the week at market.  We were fortunate to have planned for a CSA when Covid disrupted everything in 2020!   

We have loved the CSA interaction the first two years and are continuing with what we learned going into the third season.  This year we will continue with the one size CSA share of $20 worth of produce a week.  You are welcome to double up if you need more veggies!

To help you decide if CSA is right for you and before you sign up for this seasonal commitment to a specific farmer, ask yourself these 3 questions….

Q1: Is the relationship to the actual farmer important to you? Effective CSA farm’s focus on the farmer-customer relationship as much as the product.

CSA is a mechanism you can put into your weekly routine that allows you to access great-tasting food, knowing there’s a real farm’s livelihood depending on it.

This means that you are committed to staying with a specific farmer through an entire season, come thick or thin. 

Inherent in this arrangement is the understanding that there is a risk. Weather and the seasons will always be unpredictable and may send too much sun or rain, bugs or disease, and a certain crop or crops may not appear in your share that summer. But we strive to do our best to bring your all the goodness we plan for.

We will try to grow things with the weather, using the gaps of rain to seed and transplant like crazy!  Growing with the changing seasons you can expect heavy greens and roots early spring to be replaced with juicy tomatoes and watermelons when things heat up.   Your CSA share guarantees you will get the good stuff before it sells out online!

But this relationship goes both ways. When you join a CSA, your farmer will make an attempt to cultivate a connection with you too. This means

  • Exclusive web content, available upon registration.  This includes a vegetable guide with storage tips, recipes and food facts 
  • Weekly emails with farm updates, pictures, add on offers and our planned share for the following week.  
  • 10% Online store credit for all on on purchases for extra produce, meat or flowers
  • We also offer helpful tips if we include something like a kohlrabi in the weekly share so you have a better chance of enjoying it! 

Q2: Do you value having quality vegetable ingredients that actually taste good?

Once you try quality veggies it will be hard to go back to industrial veggies at your supermarket. Taste matters and we are always trying to push the envelope for tasty, nutritious veg grown in quality soil. Sometimes putting together a great meal isn’t just about the chefs’ skill.

If you really love cooking and you really value taste, then you will LOVE being in a CSA. Because CSAs are all about providing high-quality, artisanal ingredients.

Q3: Are you willing to try new foods? CSAs will help you to try new foods and explore variety in your kitchen.

Part of the CSA experience means getting exposed to a wide variety of vegetable cultivars. We put veggies in your box that you may have never seen before, and we teach you how to eat them.

It’s all part of the great goal in CSA of developing food diversity and teaching our communities (and our kids) how to eat to your local, seasonal environment again. If you want to grow in the kitchen, you have to push yourself to try new ingredients. 

We are willing to work with you if you just can’t stand something that we offer in the box.  Or you can opt for the BFF membership, order at your convenience and enjoy 10% store credit for all orders!