Reserve a Whole Lamb for early 2024


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Starting in 2024 we will start offering whole lambs for purchase.  Most likely you will need to be responsible to pickup your USDA butchered lamb at the butcher.  We hope to have a butcher appointment in early 2024.  We have run out of space until we build a barn and then farm pickup will be an option in the future!

A deposit of $175 will reserve your lamb and you can choose how you want it butchered.  You will then submit a cut sheet to me and I will deliver this with the sheep.  Our price in mind is 5.50/ LB of the hanging weight of the animal and you will be responsible to pay the butcher.  Hanging weight ranges from 40-80 LBs depending on the size of the animal.  We normally have a range that you can indicate what size you want on the cut sheet.


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Reserve a Whole Lamb for early 2024

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