Paperpot Transplanter Kit (Limited Time Offer)

Brand new Paperpot system. Transplants 100ft rows in minutes! Looking to make transplanting easier? The Paperpot system saves nursery space and no more transplanting on your hands and knees!

Each chain has 264 cells with 2”, 4” and 6” spacing options. This is a great tool for market gardens giving you a jump start on weeds and better spacing on crops like Salanova, onions, beets and herbs




Starter Kit Includes

– Transplanter

– Opening Kit (spreader bars and frame)

– Germination Tray (20 pack)

– 10mm Dibbler

– 1 case 2” chain

  •  1 case is 150 paper chains
  • Each chain has 264 cells with 2″ spacing
  • Chain length 49.5 ft
  • Great for beets, herbs, peas, radish, greens, etc

– 1 case 4” chain

  • 1 case is 75 paper chains
  • Each chain has 264 cells with 4” spacing
  • Chain length 93 ft
  • Great for cut lettuce, basil, head lettuce, beets and spinach

– 1 case 6” chain –

  • 1 case is 75 paper chains
  • Each chain has 264 cells with 6” spacing
  • Chain length 139 ft
  • Great for head lettuce, Salanova, kale, and other greens

Free Shipping within the contiguous 48 US states. First come, first serve…limited quantity! Pick up option also available for $2,200!

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Transplanter, Opening Kit, Germination Tray (20 pack), 10 mm Dibbler, 1 case of 2" chain, 1 case of 4" chain, 1 case of 6" chain


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