Grass-Fed Beef Porterhouse

A higher end cut of meat. The Porterhouse steak has the rib attached, with the tenderloin on the other side of the bone. A Porterhouse steak is cut from further back and has a section of tenderloin at least 1 1/2-inches wide. Excellent on the grill.

Grass-fed beef from Bibb Forest Farm, raised with love without antibiotics or hormones, in a natural and stress-free environment which offers optimal growing conditions, and nutritious grasses for the cattle to eat.

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At Bibb Forest Farm, our cattle play an important role in our multi-species, holistic grazing program. Our cows graze in a flerd (flock and herd) along with sheep and our milking goats.  We raise commercial Angus that have never receive antibiotics, artificial growth hormones or steroids.  A 100% grass fed and finished, stress-free lifestyle produces a delicious product.

Additional information


.99 lb, .86 lb


  • 100% grass-fed
  • Humanely raised on spacious pastures
  • No antibiotics or hormones from birth
  • Delicious, sweet, tender meat
  • Comes in an uncooked state
  • Product of Bibb Forest Farm
  • For best taste on frozen products, use within 1-2 days after thawing

Cooking & Serving

Cooking Methods: seared, cast-iron, stove-top to oven, grilled, frozen to pressure cooker

Cooking Tips: Excellent on the grill


We currently do not offer shipping on any of our meat products.  We have listed our inventory online for pickup at one of our weekly markets/CSA pickup-points.

Currently our only pickup point is West End’s winter market located at Gayton Road Christian Church every Saturday 9-noon.

12050 Ridgefield Pkwy, Richmond, VA 23233

Please make a note if you want to pickup at a later date during checkout! Thank you!


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Grass-Fed Beef Porterhouse

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