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Our beautiful farm, which I call home, is right down the road from the art center in Louisa, Virginia.  We grow a wide variety of non-certified organic vegetables, fruits, and grassfed beef/lamb year-round.  Our farm is tucked in front of a large forest which is home to a mother black bear and a rich diversity of wild mushrooms.

My goal is to provide delicious produce grown with respect and care for our land.  I hope we reach customers and future friends that want to cultivate local systems and improve our well-being in the process.


Jesse Roberts

organically grown sweet potatoes

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Organically Grown Produce

Grown with intention for soil health, consumer health and high nutritive values. We avoid single use plasticulture and are uncertified organic.

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FAQ for our growing practices:

No! We started the process to become certified through CCOF and were at the stage to receive our annual inspection only to find out the hidden costs associated with certification. In hindsight, for any beginning farmers out there make sure you apply to a certification program close to you. Maybe we will look back into it at some point but we are happy to answer this question and engage with our customers over checking the box.

Organically or ecologically grown means that we value clean food! While we could increase our production using methods that produce more abundance, we value our health and avoid using substances or materials that are deemed unhealthy or questionable. 

One of the things that we easily could do, but think the disadvantages to the planet outweigh the advantages to profit is the use of Single-Use Plastic!

At the end of the day, we export a lot of food off of our farm! And we don’t get any of these nutrients back. To make up for this we grow a lot of cover crops but also buy in organic certified dry amendments. 

Before we became globalized with trade and are now able to truck in wastes from one place to feed our soil, we used to grow on alluvial soils closer to rivers that were prone to flooding. The floods would recharge the soils with minerals. Now there are few places left on Earth that we can simply sustain off of what is already there.  

We are in a unique position to observe what is sustainable having the opportunity to also raise grass-fed lamb and cattle on our farm. Raising animals for meat production is much less manipulative to the landscape and follows a regenerative cycle of grazing and making hay!

While it may still be debated as to if grass-fed is better for you than grain-finished beef or lamb, we think it’s the most natural way to raise animals.

As nature intended, our animals graze grasses and legumes during the growing season and we cut hay (rolled up, dry grasses) to feed in the winter. Our animals get plenty of exercises and are healthy animals. I did not eat much meat before I started farming, just thinking about the welfare of the animals offered in the stores. Now, I try to incorporate a decent amount of meat in my diet because they taste delicious and I know these animals lived happily and healthily in our fields.   

At BFF we use no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, we use no GMOs, we plant habitats for pollinators, use small doses of “organic” bio-pesticides, we use lots of compost to replenish burnt carbon lost in uncovering the soil, plant cover crops and make compost teas with cultured micros to nourish the soil. We keep honeybees for pollination and they enjoy the diversity of crops that we grow and flourish in early spring with all the maple trees blooming. Our practice is to perform in-depth soil samples to know how to make custom mineral-balancing amendments per crop to grow the most nutritious veggies that we can.  

Jesse hopes that many generations after him will be able to work on the same plot of land that he nourished with his parents. This hope for the future directly ties into the sequestration techniques that he is employing through regenerative farming.

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Nope!  The Membership is meant to reward customers who buy in bulk from us!  We only have order minimums for deliveries and other than that you can buy from us without a membership at anytime.  Our online store opens Thursdays at 8PM and closes Midnight on Monday.

Our online store opens Thursdays at 8PM and closes Midnight on Monday.

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