We grow hardneck garlic, which varies from softneck garlic most often found in the grocery store. Hardneck garlic packs more intense flavor and sometimes even spice to your dishes.


Garlic is best stored cool, dark and dry. A basement or a pantry often works great. Once the bulb has been unwrapped the cloves will slowly start to dry out.

Cooking Tips

Garlic is most often cooked but can be incorporated raw into some recipes. There are so many way in which to use garlic. One of our favorite methods is to make garlic chips and slow dry them over two days at 110 F . The chips can be turned into ground garlic in a morter and end up in most of our seasonings.


Baked chicken with tomatoes and garlic

Cheesy kale chips with miso, garlic and dulce

Lacto fermented garlic scapes

Garlic chips

Roasted garlic soup with potatoes, shallots and fresh herbs

Sous vide garlic confit

Things to do with garlic scapes