A versatile fresh herb, with a love or hate reputation, cilantro taste can differ to some. Cilantro naturally produces an aldehyde chemical that are detected by some people but not all. Which explains why some people claim cilantro tastes like soap!


Best stored placting stem and no leaves into a jar of water and then placing the jar into the refrigerator. Alternatively store cilantro in plastic bag with a strip of paper towel.

Cooking Tips

Cilantro is typically used at the end of cooking or as a topping. You don’t wat to cook the herb or it will lose flavor. Also makes a great addition to pesto.


Ají criollo, ecuadorian hot sauce

Chipotle style cilantro lime rice

Salsa verde

Steak tacos with cilantro-radish salsa

Zhoug (spicy cilantro sauce)