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Back in action with spinach and a re-stock of our grass fed meats!

Baby lamb twins standing on mom.

Hey Folks,

Our offerings are still a bit limited with veggies at the moment. We do have a beautiful bed of spinach ready for the first snip this coming week. If we just had a bit more warm weather our fresh radishes would also be ready. But we will have them the following week with more spinach!

Also if you are having trouble finding anything in the store, we moved the search bar from the header down to the bottom of the page!

Meat Re-stock!

I was finally able to spend a full day organizing 3 chest freezers full of meat to update our inventory! Things got a bit mixed up when we uploaded the new website but our beef is up to date, the lamb is almost finished and I plan to finish uploading a few items of lamb and goat tomorrow morning. In the process, I also forgot to start our microgreens last week, so sadly no micros this week.


We have several new items for beef including Korean Style Ribs, NY strips, and Osso Bucco from the lower shank. Our filets were also cut much smaller, which makes it a litter easy to try them out as they are on the expensive side of cuts. In the photo is one of my favorite small steaks, the flat iron. You can’t go wrong with a Flat Iron, Denver, or Delmonico.

Grass fed flat iron steak

What's going on at the farm?

Now is the time to get all our planning done from crop rotation, and inventory management, you name it, we are thinking about it now.

Deer Fence

Going into next year I am hoping to build a temporary-double electric fence using step-in posts. The exterior will be nose height and hot for the adventurous deer noses, then a 4-foot separation to the next layer with a lower and higher wire will give a depth to the fence that hopefully they won’t want to risk jumping. Or think carefully about it before meeting the exterior line. Hopefully, it will work, as it would allow us to evolve our rotations and varieties in the backfield.

Cultivating Tractors

Our new old tractor is getting a pedicure, new tires! Since we brought her back to the farm, two wheels have gone flat so the new set should last another 30+ years at least! This tractor has more power than the red one in the background and will take over some of the lighter tasks that currently all fall on the John Deere.

Progress shot expanding wheels on a cultivating tractor.

Hay Wagon Rebuild

Our hay wagon has been limping for the past few years and finally gave out while picking up our second hay cut last summer. Here’s where we are now with it, I’m sure it will be looking much better with the promise of spring!

What's in stock :

NO Micros!
Candy roasters (the discounted one has a couple of nicks in the skin)
Last of the delicatas
Daikon radishes
Purple Top Turnips
100% Grass finished Meats

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